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Corona Overload!


Recently, the fear of contracting Corona is overwhelming for many. The fear and the anxiety that it creates has emotionally and psychologically crippled many. When I walk down the streets, I no longer see people that are smiling and friendly; but rather, I see people that are scared and suspicious of your condition.

Fear has taken hold of many to one degree or another. Fear is not new. It tends to occur most when we are confronted by new conditions and circumstances good or bad. The unknown is a source of fear because no one knows what needs to be done or how to adapt.

It is akin to a baby attempting to take his/her first steps. When the baby is confronted with the reality that he or she must let go of their mother’s hand and walk solo, the fear of injury is present. However, babies, overtime, learn to overcome this fear and understand what needs to be done in order to walk properly.

The Corona Crisis is simply yet another thing that human must adapt to in order to survive. The virus itself is not evil, it simply exists like the wind or the waves of the sea.


All animals, including humans must learn to adapt to adverse circumstances and conditions. All organisms must adapt and change sufficiently to survive or they will perish making room for other lifeforms that are more adaptable and versatile.

Where is the solution to be found? Our culture is the key.

Humans have created culture in order to advance in the world and adapt to nature. Through culture, we have created the modern world. It will be through culture that we will find an answer to this crisis.


In the meantime, the practice of mindfulness combined with a good diet, sleep hygiene and exercise are a good start. Also, being in contact with others via teleconferencing is helpful as well as it permits for human contact.

For others that need extra help, professionals, like myself, are willing to assist. Knowing when to seek out assistance is key. Know that you are not alone and that what you are feeling is normal in these difficult and extraordinary times.

Do you need assistance?

BONCORAGLIO G., B.A. (Anthrop.)., Dipl. (Psych)., C.L.C.

Professional Counselor and Coach

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